Cooking With Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a plant with remarkably diverse and effective healing properties. It can be used to treat both mental and physical symptoms with great success. If you're interested in treating your ailments with medical cannabis, you have a few choices to make regarding your method of ingestion. Smoking is a popular method of consuming cannabis, but this comes with its own health risks. Many people find that consuming cannabis when it's incorporated into food is a superior treatment option. Read More 

Should You Go Into Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy can be a lucrative career if you love working with people and helping them feel better at the same time. Massage therapists serve many roles in different sectors: a massage therapist can work privately out of their home or office, in a medical setting, for a chiropractor, or even in a salon. If you aren't sure if massage therapy is right for you, consider the pros of going into this type of career. Read More 

Tips For Protecting Your Eyes While Camping This Summer

If you have your eyes set on getting out of the daily grind and relaxing this summer, a camping trip might be on the agenda. While relaxing in the woods or near the beach can recharge you and provide you with a stress-free summer vacation, it's important that you don't forget to focus on taking care of your eyes. The health of your eyes might be the least of your concern, but there are several potential ways of causing problems that can lead you to schedule a visit with your optometrist before your next scheduled checkup. Read More 

Types Of Physiotherapy For Knee Replacement

After a knee replacement surgery, it's crucial that you start doing gradual exercises to build up strength in your knee and the surrounding muscles. Physiotherapy is often an important component of knee rehabilitation, since it can help keep you on track with your progress. Here are some of the types of exercises you can expect to do in physical therapy for knee replacement.  Range of Motion One of the earliest parts of your recovery will be to restore your range of motion. Read More 

Hearing Your Family More Clearly: How Com Links That Look And Feel Like Hearing Aids Can Help

If your hearing has deteriorated enough that you can barely hear what your family members are saying everyday, it may be time to consider some hearing solutions. One of those solutions, which works quite well if you are home-bound, is a com link system that looks and feels like hearing aids. Here is how the system works and how it can help you hear your family members better, even when they are out of sight. Read More