Is Sports Massage Therapy Right For You?

As you recover from a sports-related injury, you may be looking for a way to feel better without relying on continual doses of pain medication. Sports massage therapy could be the answer you seek. The following information should help answer a few of your burning questions about this alternative method of healing.

What is sports massage therapy?

Sports massage therapy is a massage technique geared toward the specific needs of athletes.  Massage therapists who practice this modality focus on the particular areas of the body that often become injured or stressed due to the client's sport of choice. The particular areas of focus during a sports massage therapy session are dependent on the type of sport played by the client.

Is sports massage therapy only used for injuries?

No, sports massage therapy is often utilized by athletes as part of a well-balanced training regimen. Athletes can experience many key benefits from regular sports massage therapy such as:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Better endurance
  • Fewer injuries
  • Decreased muscle soreness
  • Higher range of motion

Regular sports massage therapy also helps athletes prepare their bodies, as well as their minds, to perform at an optimal level.

How does sports massage therapy help treat injuries?

When treating a client's symptoms of injury, the sports massage practitioner looks for the root causes of the problem which sometimes involves focusing the treatment on other areas of the body. Sports massage therapists are soft tissue specialists, so they have the knowledge and skill to employ massage techniques that relieve pain and help restore the range of motion or mobility of a particular muscle group.

What types of massage techniques are used during sports massage therapy?

Before beginning the massage, a sports massage therapist examines why the client is having the treatment and what the client's expects to achieve after undergoing sports massage therapy. By examining these two factors, the massage therapist is able to tailor the massage techniques to the client's specific needs and requirements.

A practitioner may employ a variety of different massage techniques during the session, including deep pressure, broad strokes, compression and stretching. The specific techniques used directly relate to the objectives of the client. The techniques needed for a pre-event massage would be quite different than the massage techniques necessary for treating a sports-related injury.

Sports massage therapy is an effective way to treat a broad range of injuries and conditions. Before you undergo a sports massage, discuss your needs with a licensed sports massage practitioner. However, if you want to enjoy a nice massage during a weekend get-a-way, consider spending some time at a spa such as Lakeside Spa massage.