How Often Should You Replace Your Eyeglasses?

It can be easy to overlook your eyeglasses when you're thinking about things that occasionally need to be replaced.  For starters, you don't often think about them to begin with since you're usually wearing them.  And even when you do remember them, you'll probably assume that everything is fine so long as they aren't broken in half or if doesn't feel like your eyesight has changed.

But although you may not know it, new glasses may very well be something that you need to look into sooner rather than later.  There are a few different reasons why, but let's start with eye exams.

The annual eye exam

Your optometrist will probably recommend that you get an eye checkup either every one year or every two years, depending on factors like your age and personal eye health situation.  This is because not only is it a good idea to make sure everything is in working order, but even if you don't feel like your vision has changed, it may actually have worsened so imperceptibly that you didn't notice.

This can be much worse than it sounds.  If you're wearing a weaker prescription than you actually require, it means that your eyes are straining themselves just to do their jobs.  Common symptoms for eye strain include mild headache, dry eyes, blurry vision or difficulty focusing on objects.  Getting your eyes checked out regularly and keeping your prescription up to date helps to prevent these and other symptoms.

Invisible damage

Even if your prescription hasn't changed, if you've had your glasses for more than a few years there's a very good chance that your glasses have sustained minor damage that you might not be able to see.  If the lenses are cracked or damaged, in particular, your optometrist will likely recommend getting a new pair.  Even a small crack can turn into something much bigger, and you definitely don't want to wait around until you're out on the road for that to happen!

All and all, if it's been more than a few years since you last visited the eye doctor - or if you don't remember when you last did - it's time to pull out your phone and give your optometrist a call.  He or she will be glad to give you a thorough exam in order to make sure that you're not straining your eyes more than necessary, and can also give your current pair of glasses a look.  And if it's time to get new ones?  Don't worry - you'll love the chance to pick out a new pair and give yourself a brand new look.