What Should I Know About Getting A Root Canal?

Getting a root canal can be a scary experience if you don't have the information that you need going in. It is often associated with pain, to the point that you probably hear drill sounds in your head just thinking about it. If you want to know more about the root canal procedure, so that you can get the right information, read this guide to arm yourself with knowledge. 

What happens during the root canal process?

A root canal is needed when the interior of your teeth, the pulp and nerves, is damaged beyond repair. The root canal procedure involves scooping out this infected and damaged portion of a tooth, filling it and then capping the tooth. 

Prior to delving inside of your tooth, the dentist will numb the entire area. At the end of the procedure, additional support is given to the tooth, so that it can properly heal and last.

How do I know if I will need a root canal?

The only way to know for sure is to get a proper dental diagnosis. However, prior to that diagnosis, you will likely begin noticing some telltale signs that indicate that you might need a procedure. Some of these signs include:

  • You notice swelling in your tooth area, which may have spread to other portions of your face
  • You notice a leaking hole in your tooth
  • You have a long-term pimple on your gums
  • You notice serious sensitivity to beverages that are either cold or hot

What happens when the procedure is complete?

The first thing you will notice after getting a root canal procedure is that your gums and teeth are a bit tender. Since the doctor applies anesthesia to your tooth and gums, you should wait until it entirely wears off before eating any food. Get in touch with your dental professional as quickly as possible for a followup appointment to be sure that the tooth is healing properly. Aside from these tips, you will most likely be given some over-the-counter drugs in order to get rid of any inflammation that you might be dealing with. 

How much does a root canal procedure cost?

Typically, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 for a single root canal, while the strengthening of the tooth can cost upwards of $360. This will largely depend on the type of dental plan that you have, so make sure that you check with your plan for all payment options and discounts. 

If a dental root canal is in your future, keep this information in mind. Speak with experts like Dr Tupman Family Dentistry for more information.