Keeping Your Ears Open And Clean - A Guide To Cleaning Hearing Aids

Finding yourself in a situation where the quality of your hearing is decreasing can be extremely frustrating. Modern advances in hearing aids can alleviate a great deal of that stress, but in order for those hearing aids to function correctly, you have to commit yourself to maintaining them. For many people, this is an unanticipated challenge that can cause some difficulty.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to help maintain your hearing aids. By following these suggestions, you can help make sure your ears stay clean and healthy and also guarantee that your hearing aids are functioning at the highest possible level in order to guarantee you the relief and access to the world that you desire.

Avoid Liquids

While it may be tempting to use warm water or even alcohol-based cleaners to remove stubborn dirt and wax from your hearing aids, doing so risks damaging the delicate internal electronics. If your hearing aids suffer fluid damage, you may be looking at a new battery, a significant repair, or even a replacement.

Scrubbing vigorously with a soft, dry cloth should be sufficient to remove particulate matter from the outside of your hearing aid. Most hearing aid shells are composed of a smooth, impenetrable plastic for exactly this reason, and you should have little to no trouble wiping away the dirt you pick up during the day.

Purchase A Multi-Tool

For the small crevices and more difficult-to-reach areas of your hearing aids, a cloth may not be sufficient. Rather than attempting to use blunt and frustrating tools such as cotton swabs, however, you should purchase a multi-tool that is designed specifically for hearing aid use.

These very inexpensive items are available in most pharmacies and will go a long way toward promoting hearing aid maintenance. A small wire brush will be able to clean out cracks and crevices without damaging your hearing aids' electronics, allowing you to wipe them clean once the dirt is jarred loose.

Clean Over A Soft Area

Hearing aids are small and relatively delicate, and you may find yourself frequently dropping them as you clean. If they're dropped over a rough surface or dropped from a great distance, you can be at risk of them suffering damage from striking an unprotected surface. Always be sure to clean your hearing aids over a soft pad or cloth that will provide them some cushioning in the unfortunate but likely event that they slip through your fingers once in a while.

For further assistance, contact a professional in your area, such as one from Hearing Unlimited By Chemong Audiology.