4 Steps Of Drug Testing For Jobs

If you're considering employing a health and medical center to conduct drug tests to make sure that your employees are drug free, you should know how the process works. Drug testing is a multi-step process. There are four main steps to this process.

1. Fill Out the Chain of Custody

Chain of custody is essentially a document that is filled out by anyone that goes near the sample that has been taken from the person who is being drug tested. The person who is supervising the drug testing will write down the standards and protocol that have been followed in order to prove that they were fully in compliance with the laws of the province. The person will also sign the chain of custody document in order to prove that the sample actually belongs to him or her. Finally, the sample and the person will be assigned matching numbers so that they can linked together in the future.

2. Do the Initial Screening

Based on the first sample that is taken, the blood or urine will be screened for any traces of drugs. This process is automated. If the sample comes up negative and does not contain any traces of drugs, then a notification will be sent to the employer that the employee is free of drugs and has passed the test. If the drug test comes up positive, then a second screening will be performed. Depending on the protocols of the province, the employer might be notified, but the employee will certainly be notified to come back in to give another sample.

3. Do the Secondary Screening

A chain of custody is filled out for the second sample as well. After the lab has the second sample, then it will perform the test again in order to confirm the results of the first test. It's possible that the first test threw a false positive, so it's important that it's double checked in order to make sure that no one is wrongly accused of using drugs. Occasionally, the lab will have gathered enough of a sample to split it in half and use on half for the initial screening and one half for the secondary screening. Talk to your testing lab for more information about their specific sample-gathering.

4. Receive the Results

After the secondary screening, the employer will receive the results of both tests and be able to act accordingly.

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