How Corporate Or Business Massage Therapy Works

If you own a business and want to offer to ensure that your employees are healthy, happy and focuses, you should consider offering massage therapy services to your employees while they are at work. Many massage therapists specialize in this type of service. This type of service is generally referred to as corporate or business massage therapy. Here is how the process works:

Hire A Massage Therapist

The first thing you need to do is hire a massage therapist. You can call up local massage therapist and see if any of them offer this type of service or can refer you to another massage therapist who does. Many new massage therapist like to enter into corporate massage arrangements because it lets them networks and build their clientele.

Depending on the size of your business and the interest of your employees in taking advantage of this service, you can book the massage therapist to come in on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. 

Send Out A Sign-Up Sheet

Once you hire a massage therapist, the next thing you need to do is send out an email or memo letting your employees know that you have hired a massage therapist to come to the offer and perform short on site massages. 

You should also provide a sign-up sheet so that your employees can sign-up for specific time slots. Make sure that you don't schedule any big meets for the time period that you arrange to have the massage therapist on site. 

The Massages Themselves

Generally, when a massage therapist comes to your business to offer massages to your employees, with will stick with massages that are done through the clothing. These massage sessions are much shorter than when you go to a massage therapist for a full body massage.

Corporate massages tend to focus on the shoulders, neck, upper back and arm areas. These are the areas where most people tend to carry stress while at work, and are where your massage therapist will focus their efforts. In order to provide relief to as many employees as possible, most massage therapist will offer ten to twenty minute blocks for each massage. 

Set - Up

The massage therapist you hire may bring a massage chair or table with them, as well as a few other supplies. They will need a quiet place to work. They will also need the schedule of everyone who signed up for a massage. 

Since the massage therapist you hire is not going to know who everyone is, make sure you send out appointment reminders.


There are multiple ways you can handle payment arrangements. Your company can pay the massage therapist for the entire block of time they work and offer this service free of charge to your employees. Or your company can split the cost with your employees and pay 50% of the cost in order to make this program more affordable. Finally, your employees could pay 100% for the massages themselves. 

Make sure that you make clear to your employees who will be paying for the massages. If your company will be footing part of the bill, work out payment arrangements in advance with the massage therapist you hire. 

That is the basic process behind how corporate massage therapy works. You book a massage therapist for a specific time block and you provide the massage therapist with a space to work in your office. Then you have to inform your employees of this new service and facilitate a sign-up sheet for appointments. Finally, you have to take care of payment arrangements. Offering an on-site massage is a great way to improve employee morale and reduce fatigue and stress among your employees.

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