Important Questions To Ask When You’re Hiring A Health Aide To Look After A Family Member

Hiring a health aide to provide home health care to an elderly member of your family isn't a decision to take lightly. It's often effective to meet with multiple health agencies to not only go over what help you need in fine detail, but to also ask a series of questions to help you pick the right organization and aide. Your initial questions will likely touch on the cost of the service, the aide's credentials and matters related to scheduling, but it's important to delve a little deeper and ask some other questions, too. Here are three questions that can help to initiate some important discussions.

Do You Have Access To A Network Of Other Health Practitioners?

Home health aides can provide a wide range of health-related services for your elderly family member, but there will likely be a time at which the family member needs care beyond what the aide can deliver. It's useful to know if the health agency has access to other health practitioners, including nutritionists, chiropractors, podiatrists and more. If the agency can provide such contacts, it will save you considerable time and hassle -- as well as from dealing with subjects that you might not know much about -- in the event your family member needs an additional type of specialized care.

How Do You Proceed In An Emergency?

It's important to understand the agency's protocol for dealing with various emergencies. Whether your family member suffers an illness or a fall or there's an emergency such as a fire in the home, ask to get a full explanation of how the aide will proceed. Ideally, you'll want to hear about a plan to quickly involve the necessary authorities while also dispatching additional aides, as required, and getting in touch with you or another family contact as soon as possible.

What Happens If My Health Aide Has To Cancel At The Last Minute?

From illnesses to sudden family obligations, it's possible that the health aide you hire will have to cancel a visit at the last moment. It's important, should this circumstance arise, that you have a grasp of the agency's contingency plans. Will you be expected to look after your family member or will the agency hire a temporary aide? If so, can you meet the aide in advance to ensure that his or her personality will suit your family member? This discussion is important to have to ensure you don't have to panic when the main aide isn't able to visit.

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