Hearing Your Family More Clearly: How Com Links That Look And Feel Like Hearing Aids Can Help

If your hearing has deteriorated enough that you can barely hear what your family members are saying everyday, it may be time to consider some hearing solutions. One of those solutions, which works quite well if you are home-bound, is a com link system that looks and feels like hearing aids. Here is how the system works and how it can help you hear your family members better, even when they are out of sight.

Com Link Hearing Aids

These communication links, or com links are designed to look and fit just like in-the-ear canal hearing aids. You can wear one in the ear that still has the most ability to hear, and the rest of the links are made for each member of your family. The devices can be turned on or off, removed and stored and reinserted just like tiny, invisible hearing aids.

How They Can Help You Hear Just the People That Matter to You

Whenever you and your family members need to hear each other, you all insert the com links (one link per person) into one ear each. When they are turned on and activated, you can all speak freely and hear each other quite clearly, even if you are miles away from each other. The Bluetooth technology in these tiny devices is what makes it possible. It is similar to a cell phone headset, only instead of the whole piece fitting into the outer ear and hanging by your jaw, this device fits entirely within the ear canal. Each one has a small antenna which operates off of the current hearing aid technology for wireless hearing devices, and doubles as the "pinch, grab and remove" part of each com link.

When you have these hearing aid-like com links in, you can talk to them just like they are in the room with you. Ergo, if you are bedridden or need some mobility assistance, you only have to speak to be heard by anyone else who is wearing one of these com links and has his or her link turned on. While it may filter out a lot of background noise, you may still hear parts of conversations that others are engaged in, so everyone else who can hear may need to adjust to the fact that the links need to be removed or turned off when they are not speaking to you personally. Otherwise they are quite effective for many people who are immobile, need frequent nursing care, are hard of hearing and are still living at home with spouses or adult children. Contact a business, such as Hearing Aids at Audiocorp Ltd, for more information.