Cooking With Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a plant with remarkably diverse and effective healing properties. It can be used to treat both mental and physical symptoms with great success. If you're interested in treating your ailments with medical cannabis, you have a few choices to make regarding your method of ingestion. Smoking is a popular method of consuming cannabis, but this comes with its own health risks. Many people find that consuming cannabis when it's incorporated into food is a superior treatment option. Read More 

Should You Go Into Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy can be a lucrative career if you love working with people and helping them feel better at the same time. Massage therapists serve many roles in different sectors: a massage therapist can work privately out of their home or office, in a medical setting, for a chiropractor, or even in a salon. If you aren't sure if massage therapy is right for you, consider the pros of going into this type of career. Read More 

Is Sports Massage Therapy Right For You?

As you recover from a sports-related injury, you may be looking for a way to feel better without relying on continual doses of pain medication. Sports massage therapy could be the answer you seek. The following information should help answer a few of your burning questions about this alternative method of healing. What is sports massage therapy? Sports massage therapy is a massage technique geared toward the specific needs of athletes. Read More